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Customized Product

BEVS provides customized services, which can be customized according to customers' requirements. 

1) Manual Film Applicators: film width, film thickness and accuracy can be made as requested.
Item Film Width (mm) Film Thickness (µm) Example
Single Sided Applicator Min: 5mm Min: 2µm
Two Sided Applicator
Four Sided Applicator  
Adjustable Applicator Min: 35mm 0-3500µm
Adjustable Digital Applicator Min: 60mm 0-3500µm

2) Finess of Grind Gauge 
Item Grooves Scale (µm) Size Example
Single Channel Grind Gauge 1 Min: 0-10µm As requested
Double Channel Grind Gauge 2
Triple Channel Grind Gauge 3
Wide Single Channel Grind Gauge 1

3) Customized Automatic Film Applicator

  1. Other Items, such as wet abraison scrub tester, linear abraser, etc.
if you have any query,please email to [email protected]