• Automatic Bond Strength Tester
  • Automatic Bond Strength Tester
  • Automatic Bond Strength Tester
  • Automatic Bond Strength Tester

Automatic Bond Strength Tester

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BEVS 2209 Automatic Bond Strength Tester is used to test the bond strength of materials, such as exterior wall facing tiles, mosaics, exterior wall insulation materials, various boards, paints and other materials bonded to the wall or the ground, concrete etc. The instrument is a small automatic hydraulic force measuring device. When testing the bonding strength, the pull-off test is automatically performed on the surface through the three-point stand. 


Large touch screen operation
Built-in rechargeable battery
Automatic test
Maximum pulling force can be set
Test force value and holding time can be set
Automatically stop when the set force is reached
Strength up to 10Mpa for dolly/test block 50 x 50mm
Can set a fixed pulling rate
Adjust the pulling angle through the foot screw
Real-time display of measurement data and curve
Real-time display of environment temperature and humidity
Real-time display of pulling rate
Data save and quick view
USB transfer data
Auto reset when test done
5 different sizes of test block/dolly for selection


JGJ110-2017 Inspection Standard for Bonding Strength of Facing Bricks in Construction Engineering
JGJ126-2015 External Wall Facing Brick Engineering Construction and Acceptance Regulations
JGJ144-2019 Technical Specification for External Thermal Insulation Engineering of External Walls
JG158-2013 Adhesive Polystyrene Particle External Wall External Insulation System
JG149-2006 Expanded polystyrene board thin plaster external wall external insulation system

Technical info

Unit: Mpa, psi
Pulling rate: 0.2-0.4Mpa/s, depending on dolly
Accuracy: ±1% of full scale
Resolution: 0.01Mpa (1psi)
Display panel: capacitive touch screen
Power supply: Built-in replaceable rechargeable battery
Charging adapter: DC12.6V, power: 65W
Built-in multiple dollies for selection: 40 x 40mm, 50 x 50mm, 45 x 95mm, 100 x 100mm
Host dimension: L280 x W90 x H165mm
hree-point dimension: L148 x W148 x H238mm
Net wight: 10kg

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BEVS 2209 Automatic Bond Strength Tester

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